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Previously, on Heroes...

* Love the title.
* A junior senator is head of the Commission on Homeland Security? Huh. "The threat is real."
* Also, man, Homeland Security is really the punching bag of choice by conspiracy theorists everywhere.
* Tracy's freezing didn't work! "Cover her hands."
* "Tell Petrelli we got the first one."
* Hiro got an old firehouse for their lair, but no Ghostbusters joke? Man.
* Costume! Spandex! Hiro's still powerless. ANDO-CYCLE. "What GPS implant?"
* Peter, the paramedic. "You can't save everyone."
* And Claire got a GED. So she can go to an elite school. Heh.
* "None of us has a chance at a normal life while he's still out there." -Claire
* Baltimore represent! Martin Gray, the watchmaker.
* You'd think Daphne would learn not to leave stacks of paper around the house. Although I suppose it wouldn't take her long to clean up.)
* "...I'm sure the hell not the son of a man who repairs watches ad the woman who collected snowglobes. So who am I?" -Sylar
* Given to him... by his brother!
* Tonight's theme, courtesy Peter's paramedic partner: "It's a code. It's not very subtle either."
* Cab. Mohinder!
* And he's still powered, it turns out. But I'm not sure why he didn't superleap away.
* Mr. Bennet for the save! Or, not.
* "You know the media. They like new and shiny." -Nathan
* "Just out of curiosity, what can you do these days?" Smooooooooth, Nathan.
* "I'm not really here, Parkman. It's an illusion, like life." -Usutu (or not)
* Prophet! "The world needs you to tell them the future." Interesting. And hints at why multiple heroes have been able to do it in the same fashion.
* "The Ando-cycle is a chick magnet." -Ando
* They took Hiro! On foreign soil. Working with the Japanese government?
* "I came to warn you: it's happening again." -Claire
* Matt's first vision is of himself getting captured? Surprisingly unhelpful.
* "What I'm doing is hugely important for this country. For the world." -Nathan
* Sampson Gray, taxidermist. Nice. (Hee, Taj Mahal snowglobe.)
* And, yep, Sylar remains awesome.
* Of course the password is "Ando." Because he loooooves you.
* Prisoners, drugged, sense dep. At least the baddies aren't entirely dumb.
* "Someday you might forgive me, Claire. Someday you might not." -Nathan
* Stowaway! Breakout!
* Peter can still copy, but only by touch? Neat.
* Mr. Bennet is my co-pilot.
* Ooh, can Peter only copy one power at a time? That would be a good call.
* "Den Mother 3-1 is going down!"
* CRASH. Hopefully onto Lost Island.

Next week: "You think you're invincible. But you're not."

Interesting start. Story is a little, uh, unsubtle, but at least it's moving is back on track. Now to see where they go next.

And I do like what they're doing with Claire. But they better stop trying to reform Nathan, we can't keep yo-yo'ing on his character.

(Editor's note: This was supposed to go up Tuesday night, but uh, I didn't plan for LJ maintenance.)

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