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Previously, on Lost...

* Previously: "It wasn't a dream. It was a memory."
* And, villagers. Plus frantic Des.
* Penny's pregnant! Wait, no, she's delivering. In possibly television's least-realistic birthing scene ever.
* Now, a toddler. "And it's a very special island."
* "Don't underestimate him, Desmond." -Penny
* Charlotte's getting worse.
* Trap! Mine! BOOM
* "You just couldn't stay away, could you?"
* "Why in God's name would we go back there?" -Des
* Meanwhile, in the past, Locke and Sawyer have prisoners. Speaking Latin, because they're Tremere Others.
* "We just walked over a fresh grave." -Miles
* Radiation poisoning!
* Oh, hai Richard. "I assume you've come back for your bomb." (In case anyone ever asks you this, the answer is always yes.)
* So this is, in the timeline, the first time he meets Farraday. Maybe?
* (See, Heroes, this is how you do time travel correctly.)
* No records of any Farraday!
* Heh, can't remember what year he visited.
* Lab, abandoned. And he isn't the first person asking around.
* "What girl?"
* "Your people attacked us!" Military there conducting tests. Atom bomb!
* "Because I'm, in love with the woman sitting next to me." -Daniel
* "Language of the enlightened." -Juliet
* "Is... Richard there? Richard Alpert?"

Saywer: Why wouldn't you shoot him?
Locke: Because... he's one of my people.

* Looking for Theresa Spencer? 'Away right now.' Like her mind's unstuck in time.
* Farraday left her? And Widmore was funding his research!
* Richard's forced to kill them. Chain of command.
* "You think he knows the island better than I do?"
* "Richard's always been here." -Juliet
* Elle: Charlotte's mom? Or Daniel's mom?
* HA BOMB! Jughead, specifically.
* Bury it!
* "Are they from the future too?"
* And Des confronts Widmore. Hasn't seen Penny in three years. And Daniel's mom is in LA, sewing that one up nicely.
* "Don't put Penny's life in danger." -Widmore
* "Jacob sent me." -Locke
* "I said, put down the gun, Widmore." -Richard
* "Why are you lying to me?" -Penny
* They named their son Charlie? Odd.
* "You'll never forget it, Des." -Penny
* Compass!
* Leadership process starts at birth, huh?
* 1954.
* And, timeshift. (Also, it goes without saying, but Miles, you rule. "I'm OK too.")
* But Charlotte drops.

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