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"Whatever the military and political results of Israel's 21-day war against Hamas in Gaza, Israel is again facing serious accusations and anguished questioning over the legality of its military conduct. As in Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, the popular perception abroad of how Israel fights, and hence of Israelis, may prove to be more lasting than any strategic gains or losses."

* The Explainer's inaugural special, on how to avoid getting trampled in a crowd, and what Bible the president swears in on.
* Maya Angelou's advice to the new president.
* Today's headline: "Obama tries to seduce Republicans"
* Why Cheney is in a wheelchair.
* Misuse of the Patriot Act on airline passengers.
* Did the Persians use chemical warfare against the Romans?
* Tired of inaugural coverage? Just remember, the whole universe might just be a giant hologram.
* Cartoon Network goes with more live-action programs. Yes, I know.
* asimplelife, the top pic is just for you.

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