PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Who needs a zillion news links this Sunday? You do, Holmes.

* Israel defends assassination as a valid form of warfare, despite their public's wishes.
* Wait, we still haven't released the five Syrians? What the heck?
* Uncovering the awful truth of sex crimes and teachers in Japanese culture.
* More administration promises ring hollow: government not providing enough money to first-responders.
* Looking into the face of unemployment.
* Bush finds the time to raise record amounts of money for his re-election campaign.
* Moderate nature of Supreme Court rulings a welcome surprise (and a fine example of why we need to enforce the "three equal branches of government" ideal.)
* Questions and thoughts on diveristy, and the place of Justice Thomas. Oh, and as a side note, the expected Supreme Court retirement seems unlikely now, thank God.
* Let's make things interesting: forcing candidates to stand by their ads.
* Insight into the new field of behavior economics.
* How an increasingly-integrated world will force the US to be more outgoing.
* The death of the American symphony.
* The good news behind Harry Potter outselling the Hulk.
* Online dating loses its stigma.

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