PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

a yawning update

House unpacking proceeds apace. M. has done an excellent job getting things squared away and making the best use of the space while keeping things looking nice.

Money remains crazy tight, but we're doing OK, on the whole. The new place is saving us money, but we're still recovering from paying for the move itself.

I'm still getting used to the commute. It's kinder in the morning: I don't have to wake up before five! However, hiking up that hill at o'dark-thirty is breath-taking, in the literal sense of the word. And the ride home is much better. Sometimes takes about as long as the other place, but the delays are crowds on the subway, and I'm not stuck waiting for buses at the far end. These are boring details, I know. But it feeds my need for finding the most efficient system, down to the finite details. It's nearly an obsession.

Sunday: first of the birthday fesitivies for Z.
Soon: a return to socialization! Catching up with friends and folk, on a regular basis!

Tags: 2009, bebe, not news

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