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now with bonus sp00kfish

Abu Aardvark: "Asked three times by audience members, [the Israeli ambassador] simply could not offer any plausible explanation as to how its military campaign in Gaza would achieve its stated goals." (Abu Aardvark is now blogging under his real name, Marc Lynch, so I will start using that instead.)

Why we should eliminate the FCC.

* Russia cuts off natural gas to Europe.
* Ugh. Judge's order could keep info from Guantanamo trials secret.
* Why Obama chose Panetta to run the CIA. Also, Dr. Gupta as surgeon general? And in praise of the new head of the Office of Legal Counsel.
* 'Chaos' over the RNC leadership.
* Heh. Andrew Cohen on the most recent Gonzales interview. Always good reading.
* NPR on DC's experimental music scene.
* Television's antihero overload.

"The spookfish has a pair of mirrors to focus light from below into its eyes."

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