PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

now with bonus SCIENCE

* As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens, the BBC addresses determining who is a civilian. Good read. Also, questions about Israel's use of the media.
* Like Aquaman, Bush is once again protector of the oceans.
* Neat. Stronger armor, because it contains holes.
* Whoah. The space elevator and the broomstick.
* Relevant to my interests: scientific breakthroughs in regenerating lost teeth.
* Science gives the finger to 'detox myths.'
* Turns out the Milky Way is bigger than we thought.
* Tom Shales on (one of the) MST3K revivals.

"Hollywood will be hoping that a number of eagerly-awaited blockbusters will help it cope with the effects of the global financial crisis in 2009."

Tags: movies, news, science!

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