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Tragic note: I know I had mentioned having people over tomorrow night for Caesar, but unfortunately that's when my family has decided to have a belated Father's Day, and I kinda can't skip it, seeing as I am technically a father now. Ergo, I am teh suck.

The Heroclix tournament yesterday was, well, interesting. It was a very cutthroat environment, which is what I was expecting for a tourney. I wasn't expecting quite the level of proliferation of Doombots, Con Artists, etc. I now know what I will have to play with to compete next time. If there's a next time. We shall see. Goblin got the Fellowship (read: sportsmanship) prize, so go him.

Afterwards, home and another viewing of The Count of Monte Cristo, which I am liking more as time goes on.

Tonight: 80's Party!

* Paul Krugman asks: are we moving toward a one-party system, a McKinley-era of a government by and for big business?
* State budgets in disarray, as end of fiscal year approaches.
* Counting our blessings on what we have won in Iraq.
* Well, this is a public mandate: innundated with calls.

"Unfortunately, the news is pretty bad, and I think it's going to get a little worse," said Ray Scheppach, executive director of the governors' group, who last year described the states' budget outlook as the bleakest since World War II and today extended that to the War of 1812. "It's clearly the worst since we've been keeping statistics." -New York Times

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