PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dinner Tuesday was at 10 pm, and consisted of salmon, a nice white wine sauce, rice, and salad.
Dinner Wednesday was at 5:30 pm, and consisted of scrambled eggs, cheese dogs, chocolate milk and pickles. (Dessert was a cupcake!)

Sometimes, I love my life.

Last night was also Heroclix with Goblin and Decore. First, a four-player game, which for me featured Black Manta returning to the museum! Luckily, I got my ass handed to me early by Goblin's grande-und-cheetay team. Second game, Decore sat out, and I took the rookie Brotherhood against the Civic-Minded Five (and RQ's second-run Nightcrawler/Doc Sampson team). True to Goblin's prediction, Nightcrawler won the day for RQ. And when I say Doc Sampson, I mean Stitch (on a Doc Sampson V base.)

Either way, the crazy 500 pt. HC tourney tonight! Hopefully, the good Dr. Doom will win the day for me.

The Metal Storm supergun is back - 1,000,000 rounds a second, baby.

* Experts beginning to question our victory in Iraq, and if and when things will start looking up.
* Republican-controlled House limits pre-war intelligence investigation. Whatta shocker.
* Federal court dismisses government's appeal in the Moussaoui case.
* Not just for South America anymore: visions of Mary in local hospital.
* More women becoming DJs (hey, Psyche!)
* How about a car stereo that produces 22 pounds of pressure per square foot? (Oh, and as a result can induce vomiting.)

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