PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"It's time we refocused our lens on American workers and tried to see them in a fairer, more appreciative light. Working men and women are not getting the credit they deserve for the jobs they do without squawking every day, for the hardships they are enduring in this downturn and for the collective effort they are willing to make to get through the worst economic crisis in the U.S. in decades."

* "The Bush administration refused to vote for a UN resolution urging nations to decriminalize homosexuality."
* How the NYPD cut crime in 20 precincts.
* Neat! The Bethesda water main break made the BBC.
* How a blind man walked a maze without knowing it.
* A live-action City Hunter series?
* A new Judge Dredd movie?
* Holiday tradition: the AV Club's cheap toy roundup.

Tags: 2008, comic books, movies, news, tv

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