PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As budgets shrink, more families have to do without day care. Also, shoplifting arrests rise.

More states put road projects on hold.

And, uh, where's all that bailout money we gave to the banks?

* Reversal: another sign of the global economic crisis is the toughening of trade barriers.
* Paul Krugman on rebuilding the economy 'without bubbles.'
* Follow-up: five convicted in Fort Dix plot.
* Interpol seeks data on the Mumbai attackers.
* Rick Warren takes flak from the left and the right.
* New world order: getting a criminal's DNA from a mosquito at the crime scene.
* Box office surprises - Will Smith's streak broken, and teen vampires defeat Bond.

On Hollywood and Nazis.

Hee. Craft stores are doing well in the recession.

Tags: 2008, movies, news, scary technology, science!

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