PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

remember how I've noted that I've never broken a bone before?

It's pretty clear at this point that I smashed my toe but good. I'm not going to bother hitting the doctor* because, you know, it's the fourth toe on my right foot, one of those lame toes that really doesn't do anything. Yeah, it hurts, but not a huge amount. The problem here is that I walk to get to work a fair amount, and have been doing a lot more walking with the move and all. Will be keeping a close eye on it.

Speaking of which: got my computer moved over to the new place and hooked up last night. Despite my doomsaying, everything worked fine. Tonight we move over the other computers and the TV et al, as Friday we get Verizon at the new house. Saturday, we move ourselves and the cat. And then we're living there, and commuting to the old place for the rest of our junk. Woo!

* - unless things start looking worse or hurting more, obviously.

Tags: 2008, not news
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