PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

life during wartime

Casualties of the move so far:
1.) My everyday shoes have a small hole in them. This bodes poorly for the upcoming cold, wet winter.
2.) I've totally lost my prescription sunglasses, which makes me sad inside. And squinty.
3.) Busted about half my fingernails at one point or another. If they weren't still handy, I'd totally cut down the rest to match.
4.) No Xmas presents for anyone! Finances simply won't support it.
5.) We've missed like every hanging-out opportunity for the month so far, and that looks to continue right up until New Years. Seriously, working night and day.

On the other hand:
1.) It looks like we'll actually get the move done on time. I'll take hectic as long as I also get successful. And the new house is starting to take shape, which is fancy.
2.) Money's hell of tight, but we're getting things done.
3.) M. got me an awesomely warm coat, just in time for this new cold snap.
4.) I ate a h00j sandwich called a "fat daddy" at Jerry's last night, and I have to revise my opinion of Jerry's, because the restaurant was clean and the food was very tasty. And not just because I was starving.
5.) A number of friends have come out to help us, which is fancy-tastic. And M. has been coordinating things like a military general preparing an invasion.

So, on the whole, we're still ahead. Stressy and sore and tired, but doing well.

Z. quote of the weekend:
"Cool background you have there."

Tags: 2008, bebe, food, news
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