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Top read: "Yesterday's bipartisan Senate report on the abuse of detainees in U.S. custody at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and elsewhere doesn't just lay out a clear line of responsibility starting with President Bush, it also exposes the administration's repeated explanation for what happened as a pack of lies... Why are these not war crimes?"

ninjacooter has an interesting post on how much those auto industry workers really make.

* Eek. Fallout from the Senate Republicans rejection of the auto bailout bill.
* US to send aid to African nations to help fight against Islamic extremism. If only someone had thought of this years ago...
* So, uh, where's McCain these days?
* Huh. Alexandria hires a professional ethicist to help make budget cuts ethically.
* Does the economic crisis spell bad news for NASA's new moon mission?
* Unsurprisingly enough, the Vatican's new statement on reproductive science isn't being well received.
* Heh. Joe Klein takes on Charles Krauthammer.

Ugh. WUSA goes to single-person news crews... and at a pay cut.

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