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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "...a humble bike messenger..."
* "I don't understand a word you're saying." -Hiro
* Hiro's mom! Dying! Catalyst!
* "Nothing will ever be the same." -Kaito
* Ah, she's a healer, too.
* Man, Claire and Hiro are quite the comedy duo.
* "I'm not helping you any more, Arthur. I'm not helping anyone." -Sylar
* New list! And, Elle's gone. (M.: where'd he get the lighter fluid?)
* Angela's sending them to kill Arthur.
* "I'm taking over Pinehearst." -Nathan
* "Brief him on what we've done." -Arthur
* "We'd like to call it 'intelligent design'..." -Tracy
* Claire holding herself as a baby. And changing herself. So weird.
* Sue Landers, the lie detector.
* "I have to find out the truth about something." -Sylar
* "Cake?"
* Holy crap, it's Kyle from The 4400! And man, he's a terrible candidate for superpowers.
* "I like teleporting better. Less windy." -Ando
* "I want to give the light to Hiro." -Ishi
* Oh, Hiro.
* "No questions, that was the arrangement." -Mr. Bennet
* Dude, Mr. Bennet is smart enough to piece this one together.
* "Claire Bear, huh?"
* Hiro made waffles! "My name is Hiro Nakamra. I travel through time and space."
* This stuff between him and his mom is killing me. I mean, I know theme of the episode, with Claire and Peter too, but man, all about the Hiro.
* "I never thought I'd get to see you like this." -Ishi
* "I remember how much I miss you." -Hiro
* "I became a master of space and time. And I have saved the world... twice."
* And he lied about his dad to her AUGH
* "Give me the catalyst, Mother."
* "I am so proud of you, Hiro."
* The catalyst is the Quickening!
* OK, who is doing these drawings?
* "The world would be a lot simpler without powers." -Peter, who is completely wrong
* "It does kind of tingle." -Sylar
* Sketches!

* ARTHUR. AND HE STOLE THE CATALYST. "You're a dead man."
* "Tell Angela it's over. I won."
* Find another time traveler! Uh, how? "Maybe it can me me?" Oh, Ando. You're too precious for words.
* And, your villains: Arthur, Mohinder, Tracy, Nathan. "Ready to change the world?"
* Fifty doses! OK, just one. Scott, naturally.
* Arthur's too strong for the Haitian!
* "You're not a killer, Peter. I am."
* So, uh, is the catalyst gone?
* Scott's super strong! "I feel good."

OK, I know I am an optimist about the show, but that was a damn fine episode, and I like how they are heading into the break.

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