PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight was tasty delivery Chinese with JubJub, followed by wacky Heroclix hijinks. Having obtained a handful of CJ figs, she wanted to give them a go.

Game 1: Rumble at the Rest Stop! (DC, 200 pts.)
I brought Man-Bat V, Swamp Thing R, Solomon Grundy R and Huntress V.
She had Dr. Quinzel, Catwoman V, Zatanna (E?) and Poison Ivy (R?)

Not much to say here. I went with Swampy and Grundy because they both have an obscene number of clix of health, and relatively consistent numbers all the way down. As always, I make a good plan, sketch things out mentally, and then just charge right in. A couple dice rolls went my way, and then it was downhill from there. Huntress couldn't hit the broadside of the barn, until it counted, naturally. Highlight: Quinzel dropping a bomb on Grundy from the rooftop, and knocking his white zombie ass back three squares to boot.

Game 2: Break-In at the Museum! (DC, 200 pts.)
Black Manta R led a villianous crew of Bane E, Gorilla Grodd R and the Weather Wizard R in an attempt to steal that big damn turtle from the Museum of Heroclix History! Unfortunately, the Atom caught on, and brought Troia (R?), the Green Arrow E and some red-and-yellow mailbox. Weird.

Let me just say this: the Atom is a *beast*. 20 defense is nigh-unstoppable, and he's got a handful of other tricks to boot. The good news is, Manta turned tail and ran to fight another day. Whew!Highlight: the Weather Wizard getting slowly beat to death by a mailbox across the room. Yeesh, embarassing even for a Flash villian.
Tags: gaming

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