PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

dates that will live in infamy, or something

Two hundred and seventeen years ago today, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passed away in Vienna, Austria, at age thirty-five.

Seven years ago on this day, I started this LiveJournal. Hooray for me. This will be my, uh, 5,184th entry. I am also thirty-five. Ahem.

This is also the seventy-fifth anniversary of the repeal of the 21st Amendment, which ended Prohibition. (Thanks for the heads-up, LATimes.) This is the kind of holiday I fully support. If anyone feels like coming over to celebrate tonight by drinking and packing boxes, drop me a line. Our speakeasy packs nothing but the finest bathtub gin.

Speaking of moving: man, I forgot how much fun moving into this place was until I carried those first twelve boxes of books out to the car last night. Whuf.

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