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"Of all the ways the Bush presidency represented a break with traditional American values, none is more shocking or grievous than the countenancing of torture. So it's no surprise that President-elect Barack Obama is under pressure to make the cleanest possible break from Bush's interrogation policies. And at the same time, debate is hot and heavy over how best to bring light and accountability to such a dark period in our history."
-Dan Froomkin (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

GAO report finds a lack of oversight with the bailout plans.

* The tragedy in Mumbai reminds us of the other side of India's prosperity.
* Wow. The rift in the Episcopal church widens.
* Cabinet choices reflect the core belief that competency matters more than ideology.
* predicts the swing Senators.
* "I eagerly await the day when 3-minute musicals become a major vehicle for debate about public policy."
* A company specializing in deciphering ancient text.
* Ooh. Tycho Brahe's supernova identified.
* The AV Club interviews Wes Anderson.

"JeongSee Yoon's Pink And Blue Project, an ongoing set of images dealing with gender, consumerism, and globalization."

I could totally see a future with single issues of comic books online, and then the graphic novel collections sold separately. Thoughts?

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