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Bush's 'right of conscience' rules might not only impact abortion access, but also artificial insemination and birth control.

"The rising cost of college — even before the recession — threatens to put higher education out of reach for most Americans."

Whuf. Michael Scherer wraps up the troubling financial news.

* Karen Tumulty on why fixing the FDA after years of Bush's mismanagement needs to be a top priority.
* Legal scholars call for the release of the Uighur Muslims held at Guantanamo.
* Mexico's drug war continues to claim lives. (More here.)
* David Ignatius on reacting to the next Mumbai.
* The controversy surrounding solar thermal energy.
* A fresh look back at the Hadean period.
* Joel Achenbach proposes the car of the future.
* David Gregory set to host Meet the Press.

"The Box is a simulated Iraq, set on 100,000 acres, populated with Arabic-speaking Iraqi employees. The facility has 18 mock villages populated by 1,000 role-players who simulate Iraqi civilians and insurgents."

"Why are we still prepared to believe in a post-apocalyptic world roamed by flesh-eating semi-sentient plants? And do we have a love affair with fictionalised destruction?"

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