PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* "Either she hasn't been sick in her life, or you're lying."
* Sylar/Elle!
* Wait, Mr. Bennet's just shooting now? Was he watching the whole time?
* "I want you to be scared! Just like Claire was!" -Mr. Bennet
* Man, longest eclipse ever.
* And Nathan's practicing his high school French again.

Mohinder: You're paranoid!
Arthur: Very much so.

* Daphne has cerebral palsy.
* And Mohinder is a HOUSE ON FIRE.
* "Dude! This is... dude."
* Reading the back issues! FINALLY.
* "Best. Day. Ever."
* "With our abilities gone, Bennet is the powerful one." -Elle
* "And I didn't. And I'm sorry." -Nathan
* "You're nobody." -Mr. Bennet
* "We're all flawed. Powers or no powers."
* Wait, where did Peter learn to fire an AK-47.
* "You made it my fight." -Nathan, action hero
* I will never get tired of the SUPER FIGHT
* And, Mohinder's 'powers' are back too.
* "They're not your parents." -Mr. Bennet
* "He killed your father, Elle."
* "Bad man." -Hiro
* Aha. That was the final Isaac issue. (Man, it's like they read my questions from last week.)
* The legend of issue #10! Bequeathed to a bike messenger!
* "Genocide. Don't we have an obligation to try and stop it?" -Nathan
* And there's Mohinder crawling back.
* "I think the eclipse showed us all exactly who we are. Desperate. Weak." -Arthur
* "You were wrong. Nobody ever really changes." -Sylar

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