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"The strategy now - and in the coming Obama administration - is essentially the win-at-any-cost approach previously adopted only to wage a major war. And that means no hesitation in pledging to spend previously almost unimaginable sums of money and running up federal budget deficits on a scale not seen since World War II."

Ugh. How the Pentagon is 'redefining combat injuries,' and by that I mean dishonoring our vets. (Courtesy marag.)

Oh, snappeth: maybe the grandfather of the modern Republican party isn't Barry Goldwater but Joe McCarthy.

* Analysis: Obama's balanced foreign policy team.
* Why Ethiopia is withdrawing from Somalia.
* So, uh, where have all the acorns gone?
* Reasons to worry about the water shortage.
* "Rare artefacts from the late Stone Age have been uncovered in Russia."
* The AV Club chats with Dennis Hopper.
* Behind Showtime's newfound success.
* SciFi moves ahead with the BSG prequel, Caprica.

Things that make me excited: 'the atlas of the real.'

"The members of Saudi Arabia's first all-girl rock band, the Accolade, are clearly not afraid of taboos." (Courtesy shadorunr.)

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