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Previously, on Heroes...

* "There's a moment in every war where everything changes."
* "You need help. Let me help you." -Elle
* "Why is it always me?" -Claire
* "Hi Claire Bear." -Mr. Bennet
* The Haitian is hunting Baron Samedi.
* Mohinder's getting worse.
* And Daphne is freaking out.
* Matt can fix Hiro! Makes sense enough, I wager.
* Hiding out in Canfield's house? Isn't there, like, structural problems?
* "What's your game, Nemesis?" -Ando, being awesome
* Elle? Seriously? What's wrong with you?
* "I hate heroes." -Sylar
* "I'm changing. I can feel it. And I can't control it." -Mohinder
* Fight training with Mr. Bennet.
* "My absence does not give you license to act like a brat." Oh, SNAP.
* Heh, baseball.
* Sending Tracy to Paris Island?
* OK, why didn't they finish reading the 9th Wonder issue earlier?
* Eclipse!
* And, Mohinder's fine. Naked and slimy, but fine.
* "Why are you turning your head sideways?" Hee.
* "It's happening again." -Daphne
* "Why would I want your respect? You're a puppet!" -Peter
* Holy crap! Mr. Bennet is all out of bubble gum.
* "Can you triumph without powers?"
* "The corn will keep on coming!"
* "We've reach the end of the comic book." -Ando
* Mohinder has to get the powers back. Because he did such a good job before.
* SETH GREEN. Plenty of Red Hulks for everyone, hee.
* Samedi is the Haitian's brother. And invulnerable! Eep.
* "If you're not going to do this for the right reasons, at least do it for the selfish ones." -Peter, in a rare moment of brilliance
* "He told me to be myself." -Samedi
* Aw, Matt, you big lug.
* That's Daphne's secret? Interesting. So wht is she indebted to Arthur? Was she created as opposed to being born a speedster?
* "I used to understand everything, but... nothing makes sense." -Gabriel

Elle: We can't take what we want anymore.
Gabriel: Says who?

* Mr. Bennet, sniper! Excellent. And makes complete sense.

Seriously dark episode. And I mean the lighting. I thought my TV was broken.

So, uh, who is writing 9th Wonder now? Or was that an old issue? Or a manga version or the original American version? And if it was, why hasn't Hiro or Ando just read the whole series? I'm all for creative storytelling, but YOU KNOW THE COMIC BOOK TELLS THE FUTURE.

It occurs to me that Mr. Bennet is like Batman now. He's spent years fighting against people with superpowers, and now he's uber-dangerous.

And I totally don't get where they are going with Elle anymore. She changes week to week.

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