PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

now with bonus SCIENCE

"This doesn't seem like a simple cyclical shift in unemployment. What we are seeing is a structural problem in the U.S. economy, and that means it will take a lot longer for the unemployed to find jobs."

Excellent read: did talk radio inadvertently kill conservatism?

Good read: China as the world's most stressful society.

* The economic crisis may kneecap clean energy.
* Trouble brewing for Hugo Chavez.
* Finding one more way to stick it to endangered species.
* I'm of two minds on the genital cosmetic surgery issue.
* "A faulty immune reaction may be responsible for the development of epilepsy."
* "IBM has announced it will lead a US government-funded collaboration to make electronic circuits that mimic brains."
* Boo! Fox TV replaces Saturday morning cartoons with... infomercials. That's downright unamerican.
* del Toro talks about what could make Hellboy 3 happen.

What? "A security guard at the Church of Scientology's Celebrity Centre in Hollywood today shot and killed a man wielding two samurai swords."

The coolest thing you will see today: crazy alien-looking squid footage. (Courtesy necrocannibal.)

Tags: movies, news, scary technology, science!, welcome to america

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