PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

start saving boxes for us

After picking up Z. yesterday, we swung by that house we checked out in Rockville Kensington and signed an amusingly ad hoc agreement with the landlord (in lieu of the more official one to come) to start renting the place middle of next month. And gave him a big check for security deposit and the like. So, it's official. Come January, we'll be moved in to the new house right off Rockville Pike.


Tragically, this comes right before the holiday season. We've been living pretty frugally before, and looks like that trend will continue for a bit. Hopefully, we'll keep distracted with all the packing and unpacking. The good news is this move won't have to be done overnight like the last one, so it shouldn't be as titanically terrible.

[EDIT: M. has a link to the proposed floorplan here, because that is how she has been known to roll.]

Tags: 2008, news, not news
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