PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Top read: "When and if the curtain is fully pulled back on President Bush's 'war on terror,' how much of what he said will turn out to be true, and how much of it will turn out to be fantasy and lies? The more we learn, the more it seems the appeals to fear that Bush used to rally the nation behind him were unfounded."

Alternately interesting and entertaining, Victor Davis Hanson on what went wrong for the Republicans. Also, Sophia A. Nelson on the plight of black Republicans.

* The future for the Tibetan independence movement.
* On Russian expansion and Latin America.
* No justice in New Orleans.
* Good read: "The war of the regions."
* Obama won't be shuttering the Office of Political Affairs.
* CSI: Copernicus.
* It's a simple lesson: don't hug pandas.

The Spielberg remake of Oldboy (and lo, how it pains me to type that) will be based more on the original manga.

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