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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "There's a company called Primatech..."
* Eclipse! FLYING ANDO PUNCH. (And Arthur's reaction is priceless.)
* Stole Hiro's memory? "I'm ten."
* "That hunger you've got, it's not about killing, it's about power." -Arthur
* Can take powers without killing! Kind of makes sense, considering Dad and Peter.
* Heh, Arthur knew Gabriel saved Peter.
* Oh, hi Elle.
* "I need you to stay... innocent." -Peter
* "Don't you know? I'm the defensive player of the year." -Claire, being awesome
* More art? Sewers! Sewers are never a good idea, people.
* Solar flare monitor, huh?
* "It's probably just a coincidence." Seriously, Mohinder? Seriously?
* The catalyst is a someone.
* (Heh, when Arthur said 'Kaito hid it" I first thought he said 'Kaito hit it.')
* "I'll take whatever you've got." -Gabriel
* And Primatech is... empty. (Empty-ish.)
* Psychic feedback!
* OK, they need to spill about Daphne's 'previous life' soon.
* "I left home so I can fight these people and I have!" -Claire
* "You are master of the space-time continuum." -Ando
* "Just knowing that you're here is going to help." -Matt
* "Come give your dad a hug." -Arthur

Gabriel: I want to be a good person.
Elle: You're a monster. Like me.

* And, Peter defeats Flint because Flint is dumb.
* "We're all at war with ourselves. It's what it means to be human. The trick is to figure out how to be on the winning side." -Gabriel
* Wait, Sylar copies now, not steals?
* "This is the source of all knowledge." -Hiro
* "Last time I tried to tell anyone anything like this my brother came back from the future and shot me. Twice." -Nathan
* And Tracy remembered she's a politician. Nice.
* Mindscape. Psychosomatic damage!
* "A woman will betray you at every turn." -Arthur
* "We were once like that, Arthur. Remember?" -Angela
* "So now you're going to let me go. Do you understand?" Man, she's awesome even in a coma.
* Batch #38. Not turning out too well.
* "I don't get it, how could this happen? Captain America DIED! Spiderman revealed his secret identity!! And the Hulk is RED!? What's going on?!" -Hiro
* Ladies and gentlemen, the Primatech Justice League: Peter, Claire, Matt, Daphne, and Nathan.
* Third piece of the formula, in the blood of a host? Sure.
* "I think I'm the catalyst." -Claire
* Drawing the future!

Man, they're not only making me buy Sylar's conversion, now they're making Matt-Daphne plausible. And damned if Elle isn't a better character too.

So, Claire's the catalyst, and she gave her dad a transfusion...

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