PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

reading for during the LJ outage this afternoon

More evidence of Gulf War syndrome.

So, why is Missouri taking so long?

Wait. Dan Rather may have been right?

* Predicting 'food riots and tax revolts by 2012.' (Courtesy MGK.)
* One of the insurgent weapons of choice is the 'sticky bomb.'
* Can Obama make a difference in the Middle East?
* Hearts and minds: evictions based on documents from the Ottoman era.
* Karl Rove on the Republican path to returning to power.
* The new liberal order.
* Alas, Babylon.
* "Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose was sunk by a French cannonball and this was covered up by political spin."
* "Water moving beneath Antarctica is linked directly to the speed at which ice moves towards the ocean."

Next in the works: Thor cartoon.

Woo! Stan Lee wins the National Medal of Arts.

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