PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was The Hulk. OK, where to start here.

The film was good, a notch above Daredevil. Well, maybe the same level. Y'see, Ang Lee went for this directorial style where the screen is often cut into boxes, showing different shots at the same time. And a lot of kinetic movement, a lot of the time. I think he wanted a comic book panel look and feel. Which didn't work at all. It really obscured some otherwise wonderful shots and images, and made some of the action scenes downright confusing.

And there's a lot of non-action scenes in this movie. It's not the psychological drama the BBC reviewer said, but it was somewhere between that and an action movie. Not easy to pigeon-hole, either way. (Well, other than saying "the start was slow.")

The story was decent. The casting for some of the roles (Sam Elliot as General Ross, and Nick Nolte as Bruce's father, aptly named David) was dead on. It was good to see Jennifer Connoly get some more use out of her character from A Beautiful Mind as well.

Incidentally, if my beard experiment continues, I'm going for this David Banner/Lionel Luthor look, FYI.

OK, now for the spoiler-y stuff.

I did sort of like the changes to the backstory, with Bruce's dad. It both changed the source material and expanded on it. However, very interesting choice having his father as the Absorbing Man. I didn't like the ending though. It was too, well, weird, and not very Hulk-like.

See, the Hulk, like Superman, is problematic as a hero. He's the toughest guy on the planet, so coming up with credible threats is an issue. Especially in a movie.

That being said, let me also point out Superman's #1 nemesis is Lex Luthor. And in the long run, I would say that the Hulk's #1 nemesis is General Ross. The one who is always after him, and who just won't let up. Oddly enough, the movie did a surprisingly good job of making the general out to be a very human opponent, and not a particularly evil one. Which works with the fact that the Hulk is definitely not a heroic hero.

Also, like Superman, the Hulk's other enemies wouldn't translate well to the big screen without some major work. I mean, the Abomination is cool and all, but yeah. And don't get me started on the Leader.

In the end, the movie really showed how well the Hulk worked as a TV show. I missed the reporter, and the scene at the end, in the jungle, just perfect. Except for the frog on his hat, I didn't get that. But, yeah.

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