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"What we started to remember the morning after Election Day was what we had forgotten over the past eight years, as our abusive relationship with the Bush administration and its press enablers dragged on: That's not who we are."

Oh, wow. The Palin-Africa story? Turns out it was one part of an elaborate hoax, made possible by the blogosphere. (Courtesy my dad.)

Hey, remember the oversight they promised to go along with the bailout plan? What if they just, you know, didn't do that?

* Good read: Dan Froomkin on quickly undoing Bush's legacy.
* Obama lays out ethics rules.
* "You know things are bad when even lawyers are getting laid off."
* The Post ombudsman reports on their own media bias during the campaign.
* On the ground at the Republican governors' meeting. [ADDED: Dana Milbank.]
* Heh, the transition team's first 'press conference'.
* Church/state: the Ten Commandments are OK, but not the Seven Aphorisms.
* Proposition 8 may have passed, but the opposition remains. (Bonus: act locally.)

Ridley Scott signs to direct... the Monopoly movie.

The AV Club interviews Kristen Bell.

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