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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "Is it will? Is it destiny?"
* 18 Months Ago
* "My king. My queen." -Linderman
* "It's not you I'm worried about." -Arthur
* "Read your Shakespeare."
* Memphis. One Year Ago.
* Flint! And... Meredith?!
* "You should listen to your sister." -Thompson (!)
* Brooklyn. One Year Ago.
* Elle saved Gabriel? "Forgive me."
* Brilliant.
* "The rope broke. You can't tell me that's not a sign." -Elle
* "Such a big ocean. How do they find each other?" -Mr. Bennet
* 'Ability to transfer power from one to another.'
* Recruiting Meredith.
* Arthur engineered Nathan's car crash! Nathan lived because his power manifested!
* Spine broken in three places, ow.
* Austin.
* Iron hand!
* Sylar's taking down notes. And what's with everyone using string?
* "Hi! Do you like pie?" -Elle
* "It's just a list of people... like me." -Gabriel
* "An invisible man tackled me in an alley." Flint. Oh, Flint.
* "I have a kind of problem. I guess you could say I'm like an addict." -Sylar
* Oh. Is Mr. Bennet going to drive Sylar into this?
* "The plan for New York has been years in the making." -Arthur
* And, Arthur's a pusher.
* "You know what Daddy used to say: God gave you a big sister instead of a brain." -Meredith
* "That smells good. Almost as good as my pot pies." -Linderman
* And, Linderman gives Angela the choice of regaining her memories. Nice.
* The train crash! Man, so much coming full circle, literally.
* Oh, hai... Trevor? Some sort of TK gun thing? In addition to being Super Emo Kid.
* "I just wonder sometimes if, without your power, you'd know me at all anymore." -Angela
* Oh, hai Haitian.
* "I'm sentimental because I don't want to murder our son?" -Angela
* "I lied. It's not your mother's recipe."
* Incinerator!
* And, Nathan saves him.
* "If they had wanted us to bring him in that would have been the assignment." -Mr. Bennet
* Heh, and the cab.
* "...Deeply flawed in ways you will never know." -Angela
* Usutu beheaded! "I understand you've been dreaming about me."

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