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"NASA says its Phoenix lander on the surface of Mars has gone silent and is almost certainly dead. Engineers have not heard from the craft since Sunday 2 November when it made a brief communication with Earth."

* BAGNewsNotes on 'visual evidence of the disaster capitalism and terror war culture we now must reverse.'
* Pakistan struggles to oust the Taliban.
* Whoah. Blueprints for Auschwitz found hidden in Germany. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)
* A new push for equal rights for gays in... Utah.
* "...If you're a physicist curious to see how matter behaves when no-one is looking, then Isis is your private snoop. If you're an engineer trying to make the hydrogen car a working reality, then Isis is your genie."
* The scientific promise of RNA interference. Nerd bonus: rethinking the nature of the gene itself.
* The AV Club interviews veteran character actor Robert Davi.

An alligator? Really? The wacky world of presidential pets.

Tags: 2008, movies, news, scary technology, science!

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