PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

First try: hour-long wait at the polls. At eleven in the morning. Too long with a certain five-year-old in tow. Will try again around 2, after the lunch rush should have (theoretically) died down.

[UPDATE: Went in about 2:15, and out within a half hour. Score!]

Side note of comedy: when I went to pay my rent, a few of the employees were picking on one of their co-workers because he hadn't voted yet. Seriously, unprecedented.

And, as a reminder, Comedy Central live coverage starts at ten this evening.

* Four big questions of the election.
* Controversial referendums nationwide.
* "Here's a quick list of benchmarks insiders will use to predict the evening’s winners and losers." (Bonus: five more things to watch.)
* Chris Cillizza on all the seats that could change hands in the House and the Senate. And, wow, crazy turbulent year.

Tags: 2008, bebe, news

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