PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

I've been reminded, my sister has already picked the name "Ben" (short for Benjamin) for my soon-to-be nephew. So there it is.

Last night was a brief but fun hanging-out at the Apt. of Orangey Cats. More VH-1! It's getting to be a habit. And today, more layoffs at work, how delightful.

I think I will invite people over tomorrow night. Or something.

I'm not overly surprised that the Jessica Lynch story is starting to sound more than a little embellished.

"This is the core of the whole privacy issue. People tell me [telemarketing calls are] the No. 1 annoyance in their lives."
-Liz Figueroa, CA state senator

* Finally. Limits to be set on telemarketing. And, the Senate starts motions to reverse the FCC's ruling on big media, and backs real penalties against spam senders. I'm such a Senate groupie.
* Israel dismantles a settlement, and shows how fanatical the settlers really are. Meanwhile, another world opinion roundup, this one on the Palestinians.
* A crazy story about the president of UMass, and why the FBI wants to kill his brother.
* Editorials on the White House's censorship of EPA reports, and Krugman sees the current stock surge as a bubble, not a recovery.
* O'Reilly makes a mistake when he takes on the inter-web.

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