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Remember, set your clocks back one hour tonight

"The Justice Department's antitrust division has published a new set of guidelines that narrow the interpretation of abuse that would justify government intervention against monopolies. It is a deregulatory gift aimed at getting pesky antitrust enforcers off of the back of big business."

David Von Drehle on President Obama vs. President McCain.

The next president should have a science adviser.

* The British commander in Afghanistan resigns.
* On the ground in Afghanistan, fighting to save a civilian's life.
* Will San Francisco decriminalize prostitution?
* Did the debates matter?
* Will Hawaii rewrite its consitution again?
* Why piracy is thriving in Somalia.
* Bad news for the Phoenix lander.
* The AV Club goes in search of a new horror classic.

New insights into the social lives of sabretooths.

Famed author Studs Terkel passed away.

Tags: 2008, movies, news, science!

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