PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Just as the Internet is changing newspapers, so it is also changing the AP. In its efforts to survive the tectonic shifts destabilizing most daily newspapers and to brand itself online - many of the above articles ran only on the Web as part of the new, edgier AP - the wire service is evolving into the world's largest virtual newspaper and a direct competitor to the papers that own it."

'Why McCain is getting hosed in the press.'

* So we're send troops into Pakistan and Syria now, funny that isn't bigger news.
* Good news and bad news from Iraq.
* Building the transition team early.
* 'George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and the future of the Republican Party.'
* The administration looks at ways to save the American auto industry.
* King Solomon's copper?
* Paramount pushes up the remake of Footloose.
* What's a lamer property to revive for a comic book: Leprechaun or Warlock?

The Shakespeare Free For All moves indoors.

Tags: comic books, movies, news
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