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28 October 2008 @ 12:02 am
Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: Elle!
* Somewhere in Africa...
* Hiro needs to go back, to defeat these villains, but won't.
* "What could be worse than the end of the world?!" -Ando
* "Your father was deeply flawed in ways you'll never know." -Angela
* Peter can still dream?
* Huh. What does Arthur want?
* Hee, grounded.
* "What's with the lights?" -Claire
* "Hey cheerleader." -Elle, out of control
* Bucket of water! Go Lyle.

Mohinder: Everyone thinks your dead.
Arthur: That was the idea.
Mohinder: What could possibly drive a father to put his children through such grief?
Arthur: Have you met their mother?

* And, he pulls Maya's power.
* Fix the formula?
* "If you don't want to be here, leave." -Arthur
* "I'll need test subjects." -Mohinder
* "Peter needs your help." -Angela, in Gabriel's dream
* "Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of this cell. ...Oh, Gabriel. You don't know half of what you're capable of. Show them. Show them all why you're my favorite. Make mommy proud."
* (I love Angela.)
* Heh, Pinehearst tried to recruit Elle.
* "My loyalty for his safety, that was the arrangement!" -Maury
* Peter as a test subject? That's... not a good idea.
* "Hello, Mohinder." -Sylar
* Arthur was waiting for him!
* "I told you not to touch anything." -Mr. Bennet
* Clothesline! Superpunch. (Luckily, it's not real.)
* "I'm a cop. Stopping a guy like Knox is what I do." -Matt
* He's actually a perfect candidate for Primatech.
* And, now Arthur is manipulating Gabriel. Nice.
* Building a nest, laying eggs, who knows.
* And, Claire calls Nathan.
* "I would expect nothing less from a Petrelli. Revenge is in our blood." -Arthur
* And, Daphne's working Matt. Because he can't read minds or anything.
* "If we don't do something to stop him, he's going to kill us all." -Peter
* And, a spirit walk for Hiro. To learn his enemies' weaknesses.

I love, love how we have no idea which Company is right, and everyone has their own agenda, and will manipulate anyone they need to.

And let me save you a couple minutes on the Googles: "Horace's maxim 'Eram quod es; eris quod sum,' was taken over on early generations of New England gravestones. It may be translated, 'I was what you are; you will be what I am.'" [source]

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Selkiselki on October 28th, 2008 12:37 pm (UTC)
* And, now Arthur is manipulating Gabriel. Nice.

I bet Gabriel's still playing for Mama Petrelli. She may even have warned him he'd say nasty things about her. They need an inside man, after all.

* Building a nest, laying eggs, who knows.

I guess HRG (did you catch that they called him that in the intro to one of the recent shows?) HAS seen a lot of mutants who've gone buggy, enough to be a bit jaded on the subject.

I don't know that either company will turn out to be right.

Should Claire carry a water pistol from now on? Probably not, but still somewhat appealing.

It was good to see Matt use his brain, for the novelty. But yeah, how long do they think she can fake him out? Though he'd probably (if he keeps his brain up) play along, hoping to soften her up. He was close when he asked her if they had something on her. What DO they have on Daphne -- keeping her brother (or whomever) out of prison, giving her drugs to help with her hyped-up metabolism, ...?
PMMJ: TVcheetahmaster on October 28th, 2008 02:11 pm (UTC)
HRG (did you catch that they called him that in the intro to one of the recent shows?)

I did notice, and it bugged me. Heh.

I hope to see Matt getting more clever. I still think, if/when they start putting a Justice League together, he'll be one of the central figures.

No clue about Daphne, but it's something big.
Capncaptain_boots on October 29th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
Really, Matt is the boy scout of the group now, except perhaps for Hiro. I really do think if they put more work into the character that he could be trusting and naive but not stupidly so. I just assumed his trust is why he doesn't invade Daphne's mind any old time and stumble across the whole ugly mess. She was probably guarding her thoughts early on, but now doesn't have to because Matt is creeped out by doing something his dad would use to hurt people. I doubt he wants to be Mental Man much right now.

Even Hiro is adapting to a slightly more jaded aspect on everything, but he's managed to do it AND be smart for the most part. :) Maybe it's just that Hiro is more proactive than Matt because he wants to be a hero.