PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Seriously, guys? "The Bush administration has informed Congress that it is bypassing a law intended to forbid political interference with reports to lawmakers by the Department of Homeland Security."

Bob Herbert on the effects of the financial meltdown that no one is talking about.

The legacy thing: Bush's sins of omission.

* Michael Scherer on seven things that could go wrong on Election Day.
* The general in charge of the Guantanamo tribunals is under investigation.
* Apple donates big to fight California's same-sex marriage ban.
* Whoah. Scientists reportedly erase memories in mice.
* Fingers crossed: 'leukemia drug may reverse effects of multiple sclerosis.'
* Oh, grand. The Texas State Board of Education appoints two creationists to the board that sets new science standards
* Maybe? Catherine Zeta Jones signs on as Cleopatra in Soderbergh's new musical set in the 1920's.

Twenty-five facts about Michael Jackson's Thriller.

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