PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


Headed over to hang out with sophistbastard and shibakiei last night at their pad in Bethesda. Tasty dinner was crafted by the former, and rockin' out to Rock Band 2 was completed. Fun game! Easier than Guitar Hero, also, which is a plus for me.

Late night, and a stressful one too. I feel run over.

I'm beginning to wonder if the funk that I've been in for a while is taking its toll elsewhere, like on the home front. The pressure of finances and a lack of steady transportation have kept us at home more and kept me away from gaming and keeping up with a lot of close friends. Inauspicious. Hopefully I can get things turned around soon, get things on a better track. Just need to create some momentum, somehow.

I also just caught myself in the mirror here, and the gray shirt I'm wearing is entirely too close to the gray that my jeans have faded to, making it look at a glance like some uniform from an Orwellian movie. And not a good one. One of the perils of pretty much dressing in the dark.

Tags: gaming, not news
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