PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Restoring America's reputation: 'The next president must make the U.S. a force for good again.'

On the basics of patriotism.

So, uh, what happened to all the reasonable Republicans?

* On the ground in Iraq: no progress can be made until the factions learn to trust each other.
* Bush will not close Guantanamo.
* Justices clash over the role of race in the death penalty.
* Hey, look, an actual case of voter fraud.
* "I think the court is poised for a major change as to the Establishment Clause."
* Opinions on the 'worst' Supreme Court decisions are informed by personal politics, unsurprisingly enough.
* Hee. Thirteen fake presidential bids.
* Oh, dear. A window into what DARPA is up to.
* Filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore, "the Human Tornado," passed away.

India launches Chandrayaan 1, its first Moon mission.

Museums fear tough times ahead, during the financial downturn. (Courtesy shadorunr.)

Tags: 2008, news, scary technology, science!

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