PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: 'a new world order' 'most powerful'?
* Yay turtle!
* Man, I didn't notice last week that it was called 'The Angry Skunk Bar.'
* "In a few hours I'm going to fake stab you." -Hiro
* (Daphne seemed genuinely disappointed in Hiro.)
* "You get an assignment, like everyone else." -Daphne
* "Just so you know, it's not easy catching a precog."
* "You're father always said, one of us, one of them." -Mrs. Bennet
* Doyle's Marionette Theatre
* And, bye Adam. So, Mr. Petrelli steals powers.
* Tracy, quit stealing people's stuff!
* "Um, this is getting kind of stalky." -Daphne
* "Can't you see they're trying to change you here? Make you into something you're not?"
* And, shovel.
* (How many people can Doyle control at once?)
* One minute before Hiro got hit
* "All I know is that they've already figured out how to do what you're trying to do." -Daphne

Hiro: Time travel won't work.
Ando: Seriously?
Hiro: Seriously!

* "What I want, Barbie, is not to be interrupted." -Doyle
* "She's the only person that ever accepted me or what I am." -Gabriel
* And in Angela's head... the Pinehearst symbol.
* And Mr. Bennet's recruiting Meredith?
* "You're too weak to stop me!" -Dark Peter
* Yay Tracy using her head. And her freezey powers.
* "I'm supposed to recruit you to Pinehearst, but you wouldn't fit in." -Daphne
* Why doesn't Daphne have a choice?
* "These are the villains you seek." -Usutu
* Flint the flamethrower guy. Knox. Parkman's dad. And... a old-time movie bad guy?
* Well, at least Dark Peter knows how to use his powers effectively.
* "The bad guys are here." -Mr. Petrelli
* "I'm sorry it had to come to this."
* (Including powers Peter copied, I note.)

Well, that's one way to get Peter manageable again.

So, Daphne's not a real bad guy. And now I get why everyone is afraid of Mr. Petrelli. It makes sense that he's got a meta power, considering his kids are Gabriel and Peter.

...And now I wonder if Mohinder's dad was in on this whole mess.

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