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"Why didn't McCain run against President Bush four years ago - as he had four years before that? Instead McCain campaigned for Bush's re-election, cheered for Bush policies he once opposed and helped lower himself and America into the pit where we find ourselves today."

Position papers: "A series of editorials on the issues facing the next president as a lead-up to The Times' endorsement for the White House." All excellent reads.

* Obama secures the endorsement of the LATimes and the Washington Post.
* "If you want to know why I - like so many others - held John McCain in such high regard for so long, it had a lot to do with David Ifshin. And if you want to know why my opinion of him has plummeted, it has something to do with William Ayers."
* Analysis: comparing Palin and McCain to Wallace.
* Good read: on immigration, abortion, and equality.
* Hey, remember those robocalls that trashed McCain in the Republican primaries in 2000? Guess who is using them now.
* Interesting commentary by Rich Danksy on McCain's goal. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

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