PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

debate #3 livebloggish

What's that about debates being won in the first ten and last five minutes?

And can we just get Joe the Plumber on here? Ask him directly?

[9:11 - "That's a hatchet, and then I'd get out a scalpel." Um, isn't it too late for the scalpel after you use the hatchet?]
[9:15 - Aaaaand there's our favorite overhead projector.]
[9:36 - And the Ayers issue is shut down. And now we're on to veep picks.]
[9:59 - Wait, is Joe the Plumber related to Joe Sixpack? I'm all confused here.]
[10:04 - Wait. I don't want to vote for That One anymore. I want to vote for Senator Government!]
[10:16 - Man, Bob Schieffer is rocking these questions, and almost keeping them in line. Well done, sir.]

[10:33 - And here's your MightyGodKing, and Swampland. And now I am going to watch some Project Runway.]

Tags: news
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