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Previously, on Heroes...

* "It's all happening so fast." -Nathan
* "Moses saw a burning bush." -'Linderman'
* Mohinder's confronting a drug dealer?
* Mr. Bennet comes to Sylar for help.
* And Claire's gone off on her own after one of the baddies. Stephen Canfield, who creates vortexes? (EEE) Or Eric Doyle, who is, again, too scary to even mention his powers?
* "I will give you another chance if you behave." -Hiro
* And Daphne meets with... Linderman! Recruiting for a new world order. Folder includes Knox and Mohinder!
* "Rehabilitation doesn't happen overnight. I am trying." -Sylar
* Did Claire even read this dude's file?
* Cocooned!
* "Your company got it all wrong." -Canfield
* And Pinehearst turns up again. "Are you with them?!"
* "They locked me away. No lawyer. No trial."
* "Maybe I can help." -Claire

Tracy: You think God gave us these powers?
Nathan: If He didn't, who did?
Tracy: A doctor in Rosita, California.

* And Mr. Bennet and Sylar are on the scene. Awk-ward!
* "I wouldn't send anybody to Level 5 that doesn't belong there." -Mr. Bennet
* Bar. Appletini! "Specials for hire"! (Hee, cantina reference.)
* "This is my tough guy walk." -Ando
* Punched in the face? Hiro's well-known only weakness! And, yes, Kensei's gone.
* "He took Sylar's ability and now he's suffering the consequences." -Angela
* So Zimmerman did work for the Company. Developed artificial abilities! Including NATHAN.
* Cocooned dude, still alive. And there's that black oil.
* Knox steals Monroe. Huh?
* "We were trying to be better than God." -Angela
* Ooh, Nathan's dad was disappointed that Nathan 'was normal.'
* They changed their mind, and divided and hid the formula. But someone wants to restart the program. (And it'd have to be an inside job, I'd wager. Given the degree of secrecy.)
* "Suresh? Yeah, he's harmless." -Nathan
* "Make him disappear and this is all over!" -Mr. Bennet (yay)
* Wait, does Sylar still have superhearing? Heh.
* "I won't be a monster!" -the late Canfield
* "We are badasses now!" -Ando
* Dude, no way Hiro actually killed Ando.
* Heh. Sylar does understand how things work.
* "I'm just glad Meredith found you." -Mrs. Bennet
* Mr. Doyle, I presume. Pusher. Creepy puppets!
* And, another scary vision for Angela, who has a really mean power. "You won't succeed. Ill stop you." Paralyzed!
* Pinehearst, again. One more recruit: Parkman!
* And Daphne figures it out, because she can't sneak up on him. Clever. And HEY, it's Maury.
* Building an army. "Whatever you say goes, Mr. Petrelli." !

So. After the scene where we first see Daphne talk with Linderman, M. and I are discussing the folder, and how it could be there if Linderman can't touch things, and I float the concept that it could just be someone convincing people to see things that aren't there, like Maury. Because I am a supergenius. I mean, for things about to be revealed in thirty minutes or so.

Mr. Petrelli is setting up an evil (evil-er?) Company of his own, to distribute the formula to the masses? Interesting. And, why now?

Also, Monroe used the term 'specials' and Angela used the term 'abilites.' So, now, canon.

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