PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hockey and me

Last night, I went to a hockey game. Latinate's work got a whole bunch of seats (an entire section, maybe?) and when she ended up with an extra ticket, I went along. Met up with Red Queen at her work, where a co-worker gave us a crash-course in how hockey works (I now know the term 'icing,' for example.) (I also note this is the biggest sporting event I have ever been to. I'm not huge into sports, you see.)

So Red Queen, Dixie, Aztec and I went and grabbed a drink at Utopia (with which I have become less enamored) and we all metro'ed to the MCI Center, to meet up with the drunken Latinate and her equally drunken co-workers (one of whom recognized me from Tracks way back, oddly enough.)

It was the Capitals vs. the Blackhawks, and the Caps had to win else they would be out of the race for the playoffs. And, long story short, they won, scoring a lot early, and the 'Hawks were never able to get back into things. Of course, now the Caps face the Devils, who have a much scarier mascot, so I think they're done for.

There seems to be some connection between Olie the Goalie (who does, in fact, rule) and Godzilla. The only other player who's name I will remember is Dainius Zubrus (as that's the name of my archrival, the intergalactic criminal.) Oh, and Ulf. Because, dude, he's Ulf.

During one of the breaks, they had this awesome race of people in little tiny cars (and the black car blew its early lead, letting the white car lead. Fan favorite.) I note I was cheering more for the cars than I was during the game up to that point. Also during the breaks, they have these baloons that advertise things float around the arena. Red Queen wanted to shoot them down, which i thought was a fine idea.

I didn't get my free hat, nor did I see any big foam #1 fingers for sale. Beer is only served in one size (large) and while they have other alcohol, it's all icky stuff.

So after the game, we swung by Fado's, found it to be too crowded, and went to Tryst in Adams Morgan instead (where we saw Kermit as well.) I still love Tryst, I confess.

Quote: "After you've heard two eyewitness accounts of an accident, it makes you wonder about history." -Dave Barry
MP3: Last Dance, "Believe in Angels"
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