PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Man. So the government was even illegally eavesdropping on soldiers' phone calls to their families? (More here.)

"The homeland security mania has invited some startling abuses of police power, but we have yet to hear of any more knuckle-headed than one in Maryland."

BBC In Depth on the global financial crisis. Bonus: egads.

* Turns out a lot of those 'voting challenges' might be illegal. As if we needed the election to be any more controversial.
* Yes, Petraeus also thinks we should talk with the enemy. Will McCain vilify him next week for it?
* Heh. Russia is also dubious about Palin's experience. (Courtesy warmaster.)
* Wow. If you thought Fox News had turned over a new leaf, and you'd have to give them another chance, hey, worry no longer.
* Yes, global warming will hurt tropical regions as well.
* Venezuela shuts down McDonald's for 'tax irregularities.'
* "Imagine if a folksy, inexperienced black woman was nominated to be vice president on the Democratic ticket."
* Double. Arm. Transplant. (Courtesy rshackleford.)

'Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari has won the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.'

"A new book traces the migration of porn culture from adult theaters to the mainstream."

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