PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Is the era of conservative dominance at an end?

Big Brother update: sketches as cause for suspicion. (Courtesy takaal.)

So if McCain is making so much noise about Obama's association with Ayers, shouldn't someone bring up McCain's association with G. Gordon Liddy?

* New report pessimistic on the future of Afghanistan.
* What the rise of Obama says about changes in the American psyche.
* Is the financial collapse also Greenspan's legacy?
* Ugh. An unwelcome familiar face turns up in the confusion over an Afghan tragedy. (Courtesy Dan Froomkin.)
* "There is something about reproductive health — maybe the sex part — that makes some Americans froth and go crazy."
* On the ground at a McCain event with Dana Milbank. Bonus: hugs!
* Artificial reef near Los Angeles dismantled.

"Turns out, when a network puts fewer, and shorter, ad breaks in a TV series, you like it, and tend to be more inclined to sit through those commercials."

YES. What Red Dawn says about us.

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