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Previously, on Heroes...

* "A few adverse reactions"
* Identical triplets! Tracy, Nikki, and Barbara. DNA manipulation! "Speed, strength, is it something like this...?"
* The Company made 'them' forget?
* And Matt's vision...
* Four years in the future
* Lots of powers. Injection! "Abilities are the new weapon of choice." -Peter
* Headline
* Labeled an extremist, a villain. Oh, really?
* Must find Sylar!
* Not all are born, some are made.
* Knox? Daphne? Ooh, are they the new Company? "We need to use Molly."
* "So you're an angel?" -Nathan
* Mohinder's avoiding the light, now. And there's a cool roach-y hissing sound effect for him.
* And, fade to the lab in the future, tape recorder untouched. Nice touch.
* Mohinder got the formula wrong. Hmmm.
* And Sylar's power is described as different. Much like Claire's.
* Waffles! MR. MUGGLES. Gabriel and Noah II!
* "Where's your scar, Uncle Peter?"
* Sylar's power is understanding, but it brings... the hunger. Magnificent. (Did Mohinder's dad know this, and that's why he told Sylar that he didn't have a power?)
* "The world always needs saving, Peter." -Gabriel
* "This is our chance to stop Peter. Now. Forever."
* Fix the watch!
* Noah II! AUGH. Unexpected!
* Oh, carp. BOOM
* "You always sucked at tug of war." -Ando
* Mohinder can't remove abilities. Also, he's sticky.
* And, Nathan saves Tracy, Superman-style.

Nathan: Are you OK?
Tracy: No.

* Costa Verde is gone. And Nathan is president, and Tracy s the First Lady! In four years? Neat trick.
* 200,000 killed.
* And President Nathan is at least aware of the Future Company's operation. Or he's even in charge, who knows. And I see something familiar.
* President Nathan freeing Regular Peter! He saw the future too.
* "You're strong, Peter. But one man can't save the world. It's everybody's responsibility."
* Full proliferation.
* Created in God's image, heh.
* "You believe that you're doing the right thing. But you're wrong." -Regular But Now Evil Peter

Sylar: You took my ability? You have the hunger. You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become like you!
Sylar: You already are... brother.

* (Oh, man. So cheesy, but so awesomely cheesy.)
* "I wasn't fast enough." -Future Daphne
* All the paintings!
* "You don't read much, do you?" -Usutu, who is awesome
* Oh, the formula that Nakamura was protecting is the one that gives everyone powers. Not Mohinder's. Nice.

Hiro: I am sorry.
Ando: No, you're not!

* "Someone is manipulating us." -Angela (note the 'us.')

Interesting stuff! So Future Peter set Regular Peter on the path to find Sylar, so he could understand, by copying Sylar's power, and thusly becoming the evil Future Peter.

So what's up with Linderman? And were the Petrelli boys test subjects like Tracy and kin?

Also interesting that Future Peter has a scar, much like Future Hiro expected to see on Regular Peter back in season one. But that was a different alternate future! Of the, like, five we've seen so far.

And man, there's that pacing I know and love. So much going on, but it didn't feel rushed or awkward. Show, back to being solid gold.

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