PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, one "liveblog"

Did Biden just trick Palin into saying she supported civil unions for homosexual couples?

[9:55 - "too much looking back" at the Bush administration? It's a trap!]

[9:57 - Also, you really don't want to go against Biden on foreign policy. Trust me on this one.]

[10:12 - OK, nevermind. Palin wins the name-dropping contest by giving a whole third-grade class extra credit. Well played.]

[10:34 - OK, maybe they'll keep her on the ticket.]

[10:48 - More tomorrow, but until then,, Fact Checker and MGK.]

[12:13 - "Having just spent 90 minutes attacking your opponent's running mate, how would you change the tone in Washington?" -Jim Poniewozik]

Tags: news

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