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Vote the issues: "Science Debate 2008 - an effort spearheaded by a half-dozen voters concerned about the state of American science - posed 14 questions to the major parties' presidential candidates." Some brief analysis by John Tierney here.

Fact-checking: does McCain always agree with Bush?

"Glen Johnson looks at McCain's and Obama's plans for Social Security in the wake of the market turmoil."

"Here we have the distilled essence of the McCain campaign's ethos: Perception is reality. Facts don't matter. McCain has presented himself as the grizzled champion of timeworn values. But the defining trait of his candidacy turns out to be a postmodern disdain for truth."

"John McCain's running mate and his sharp reactions to the nation's economic crisis have led several prominent conservative columnists to slam the senator as reckless and strident."

"It's that utter power vacuum that gave McCain the opening to pull his potentially catastrophic display of economic 'leadership' last week." -Frank Rich

And, in case you missed it, Tina Fey does a rockin' Sarah Palin impersonation.

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