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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "I put him in the body of that guy."
* "I should never have given you up for adoption... You're right. You're very special." -Meredith
* Oh hai, Bridget the special who can practice psychometry. Handy skill for someone with the Company... and Angela just fed her to Sylar.
* The effect with Peter having the wrong reflection? Pretty cool.
* And, a completely unsubtle bank job. Lots of superpowers in front of normal people.
* Mr. Bennet is back at the Company. OK, sorta. Haitian 'unavailable,' on a pick-up assignment.
* Sylar as the new partner! Yow.
* "We don't smoke in the house." -Mrs. Bennet
* Claire decided not to go to school anymore. And, Mrs. Bennet just totally shot down Meredith.
* "He's the perfect partner, and he can't be killed anyway... He just needs structure, and you're the perfect person to give it to him." -Angela
* And now I think Angela knows exactly what she is setting up.
* Nemesis! Hee.
* "You're telling us your plan?" -Hiro
* Pikachu!
* The Haitian!
* Claire wants to learn to fight. I recommend she get some adamantium claws.
* "I'm just waiting for all this to make sense." -Nathan
* Tracy is heading to the Big Easy.
* Knox called the cops! Trying to draw out the Company. Heavy.
* And, Magneto the German is dead.
* "This I paint when I'm a boy. I'm not a boy any more." -Usutu
* Sylar in a suit. Sharp.
* Hee, Hiro and Ando soundtrack provided by Buster Keaton.
* "Can I get popcorn?" "No."
* "You can't call dibs." "Yes I can. Dibs!"
* "The future can only be the future for so long." -Usutu
* White eyes!
* And, Peter's cover is blown.
* "Maybe. But aren't you curious to see how it all plays out?" -Sylar
* Yay Sylar! Coffee! "You drink decaf, right Noah?"
* The Hiro-Ando hijinks music is killing me.
* New Orleans. Wake? OK, Nikki is dead. [Wait, how long ago was it?]
* "You're not my mother." -Micah

Ando: Holy crap! It worked!
Hiro: What are you doing?
Ando: I'm being awesome.

* Ah. Jesse has a super voice. Neat effect, too.
* And, Future Peter pulls Peter out of him. Good timing, chief.
* "Peter's not here anymore." -Jesse
* "Ssshhh..." -Sylar
* Told him to stay put to make sure he didn't, heh. That's the Mr. Bennet I know and love.
* Wait, Meredith is sucking all the oxygen out of the room? Doesn't she need to breathe too?
* "You are right. I am just a killer." -Sylar
* Hunger.
* Dr. Zimmerman, I presume? "Barbara?"
* "Know you? I created you." !
* Usutu gave Parkman the white eyes ZOMG
* "Just until I find his weakness. And then I'm going to kill him."

I officially dug this episode, and hope this trend continues. I like how Angela is trying to turn Sylar, as it's the exact kind of thing she'd try to pull.

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